"What I do is what I am"

Abril. 2013 :: Esto es bastante antiguo, del año 2010. Ese año realicé un curso sobre gestión de la creatividad con Subvert Mag y me pidieron que escribiera un resumen de lo que significaba para mí el hecho de vivir, o intentar vivir, de mi propia creatividad. No soy de las que relacionan la creatividad directamente con el arte o el diseño -seguramente hay más creatividad dispuesta al servicio de la ciencia que del arte-, pero sí pienso que si eres una persona creativa difícilmente te sentirás cómoda en un ambiente de trabajo en el que te pidan que, básicamente, no lo seas. 
Podéis encontrarla {aquí}, aunque copio el texto por si no podéis acceder.   
April. 2013 :: This is pretty old, it was written on 2010. That year I did a course on creativity management with Subvert Mag and I was asked to write a summary of what it meant to me to live through my creativity. I don't relate directly creativity to art or design - surely there is more creativity serving science than art -, but I think that if you're a creative person you hardly feel comfortable in a work environment where you are basically request not to be creative.
You can find the summary {here}, though I copy the text just in case you can not open the link.

"It has been hard to get to this point. It cost me a lot, realizing what I really wanted and deciding to embrace the adventure.

When I was 4 or 5 years old, I wanted to be "boss" - having my own business - or being a singer, actress, dancer, gymnast, painter, designer. 

At a given moment I misunderstood what I wanted, I studied business administration and management in order to dedicate myself to working for others, with the intention of becoming chief someday. Going back and realizing that what I needed is to be my own boss and enjoy what I do was hard. I wish I had understood it much earlier.

I am pretty quiet and even a little shy. Being able to express myself in written words or letting people know more about me through my work, is like an open door, like a letter of introduction.

In that way, what I do is what I am.

On the other hand, one of the things I like about my job is the ability to capture and express other people. Is like a game: to guess what others are, or want.

I find it so natural and essential to keep learning new skills. Everyone should learn new things every so often. It not only gives you the ability to offer more and better, but it calms an inner need. It's like reading, you always want more.

Is creativity my salvation? Completely. It saved me from a boring life where I felt frustrated and took me to one in which everything makes sense, where my professional and personal life have improved greatly.

I know now, that I am living my creative dream because in bad moments I think that my situation is much better than before, and in good times I feel completely happy."

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